The book Metsän salainen elämä (“The secret life of the forest”) received the State Award for Public Information on 13 September 2017. The nonfiction book describes the lives of the smallest, hidden creatures of Finnish forests while revealing the peculiar methods researchers use to study them. The editorial team of the award-winning book featured Unit Director Aino Juslén, and the authors included several other people from Luomus. Article in Finnish.

The University of Helsinki’s research programme Fifth Dimension – Green Roofs and Walls in Urban Areas received the Finnish Association of Architects’ award for sustainable development. The research programme ran in 2011–2016 in Luomus, and transferred to the Faculty of Biological and Environmental Sciences in the beginning of 2017. Article in Finnish.

In the 2016 annual review of the Finnish Board of Antiquities, the Luomus Natural History Museum was the most popular attraction among school groups by a significant margin. Guided tours in the Museum are a key part of the science education efforts of the University of Helsinki. Article in Finnish.

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