Media cooperation and services

The great interest in nature, the natural sciences and research also increase the demand for the expertise of Luomus, both among journalists and the general public. The Luomus staff and public attractions regularly feature in the media, both in conjunction with new research results and in the context of various expert interviews and events.


The research, experts and public services of Luomus are prominent in the press, radio, TV and the internet in many ways. Luomus also communicates its work through media releases, of which more than 90 were sent out in 2017–2018 (Table 17).

The Luomus website,, is the Museum’s most important direct channel of communication, especially with the general public. In addition to its primary website, Luomus maintains several collection databases and project sites.

Launched officially in 2015, the Luomus-coordinated Finnish Biodiversity Information Facility website has found a wide audience. The visitor figures to the Information Facility’s website have increased considerably, coming close to two million visitors in 2018.

Luomus is also active on social media. The Natural History Museum and the botanic gardens have their own Facebook pages, YouTube channels as well as Twitter and Instagram accounts. Through these channels, Luomus publishes and shares topical information on both its research and the diverse contents of its public attractions.

Journalists and the general public know to contact Luomus when they are looking for answers to any questions about nature. Luomus receives up to several dozen contacts through various channels every day.

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