Scientific publications

Luomus researchers are extremely prolific. In 2017 they produced a total of 196 publications, while the corresponding figure for 2018 was 239. In terms of publication activity, Luomus broke its all-time record, reaching nearly six peer-reviewed articles per full-time equivalent researcher year in 2017, and seven in 2018 (Table 12). These are high numbers, considering that the University of Helsinki average for 2018 was 1.9.

Luomus researchers are prolific. The number of peer-reviewed scientific articles is increasing. In 2017 they created close to seven publications per full-time equivalent researcher.

The high output of Luomus researchers is partially attributable to the fact that the staff supporting teaching and research is highly specialised and actively involved in research, and partially to the fact that the Luomus community includes a large number of grant-funded researchers and retired former Luomus employees who continue to publish. However, the number of publications aimed for the general public is decreasing, as resources have been consciously redirected to scientific publishing.

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